HCG for After the Holidays!

Many of my patients tell me that weight loss for better health is their primary New Year’s Resolution.

The majority of our HCG Weight Loss patients lose an average of ¾ pound each day!

I have offered the HCG Weight Loss Plan to my patients for the past 4 years, because it worked so well for my wife and me. At the suggestion of a physician friend, my wife and I used this plan to address the core body fat that we had accumulated over the years. In 23 days I lost 15 pounds. My wife lost 13. Having reached our targeted goals, we stopped at that time.

Our fat loss was most noticeable from the belly area. This impressed me medically, since belly fat is a good predictor of future heart disease and diabetes. We also dropped in clothing size.

Our desire for large quantities of food seemed to go away during the plan, and has continued afterwards, making it easy to maintain our new weights. Since concluding the diet four years ago, we have continued to eat much smaller helpings of food, and continue to base our meals on fresh vegetables and protein, with very few bread products and sugars.

There are 3 parts to the plan:

  1. HCG cream, which is applied daily at home.
  2. A 500 calorie a day meal plan.
  3. B complex injections once a week.

HCG Cream

Great technological improvements in cream delivery systems now allow HCG to be effectively administered without the need for injections! The primary purpose of HCG is to improve hormonal balance and brain function. The HCG reprograms the hypothalamus so that appetite decreases and cravings diminish. Combined with the meal plan, body fat is lost from the core, especially the belly. This results in achieving improved weight, body shape, and body composition. The decreased appetite effect of the HCG continues after the program is complete.

The 500 Calorie a Day Meal Plan

The diet consists of 2 three ounce meat servings, 2 fruit servings, 2 vegetable servings, and 2 pieces of Melba toast each day. Although this may not sound like enough, people on the diet usually report that the HCG causes them to feel satisfied and free of cravings.

B Complex Vitamins Injection

The weekly B complex vitamin injection contains not only vitamin B 12, but also B 6 and the other complimentary B vitamins. The B complex vitamins serve to keep up energy, optimize uptake of nutrients from the limited calorie meal plan, and promote cellular metabolism.

The program may be continued for up to 40 days, depending on desired weight loss. After the program, weight loss is maintained by gradually returning to a healthy, reasonable diet and exercise program.

If you are thinking of a weight loss program after the holidays, consider the HCG Weight Loss Plan!