The Stresses of Life

Need A Little Stress Relief?

If you were to ask a dozen people to define stress, or explain how stress affects them, you would likely get 12 different answers. The reason for this is that there is no definition of stress that everyone agrees on, and what is stressful for one person may be pleasurable or have little effect on others. Every person reacts to stress in their own, unique way. Some of these reactions are not healthy, such as eating large quantities of comfort food. (After all, “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”!)

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Enjoy a Sabbath!

I have noticed that my life has grown busier and busier over the years. My friends and patients say the same is true for them. We all seem to maintain very full schedules with work and family obligations, as well as a number of other assorted activities. These continual endeavors are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, but they can rob us of sense of peace, joy, and our mental and physical health.

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