New Back Pain Guidelines Endorse Acupuncture, Manipulation!

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for clinic visits in the United States. It is associated with increased healthcare costs as well as lost wages and decreased work productivity.
Up to 30% of patients report persistent low back pain up to 1 year after experiencing an acute episode. One in five report substantial limitations in activity.

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Depression: Natural Treatments!

Recently I read that one out of ten Americans are taking antidepressants! I was shocked, and almost went into depression myself! It has been said that depression is the most expensive disease on earth, with loss of productivity from absenteeism and poor performance costing as much as medical treatment…an estimated cost of 85 billion dollars annually in the U.S.!

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Osteopathic Manipulation for Healthy Children

Osteopathic manipulation is a natural and painless method for addressing many of the health problems of infants and children. Manipulation helps the recovery from injuries and muscle strains that occur so commonly during childhood years. Perhaps less obvious is the role of manipulation in many other disease syndromes of children.

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