The Stresses of Life

Need A Little Stress Relief?

If you were to ask a dozen people to define stress, or explain how stress affects them, you would likely get 12 different answers. The reason for this is that there is no definition of stress that everyone agrees on, and what is stressful for one person may be pleasurable or have little effect on others. Every person reacts to stress in their own, unique way. Some of these reactions are not healthy, such as eating large quantities of comfort food. (After all, “stressed” spelled backwards is “desserts”!)

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What is the True Source of your Back Pain?

Many times a patient will come to my office with a diagnosis of Lumbar Disc disease. Commonly, they have been told they had a herniated disc. The patient is convinced this is the cause of their pain because they had an MRI sometime in the past which showed it. Pain management approaches, including epidural steroid injections, have often failed to provide any significant or lasting relief. The patient may then be referred for surgical evaluation, and come to me hoping I can offer something less invasive.

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New Back Pain Guidelines Endorse Acupuncture, Manipulation!

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for clinic visits in the United States. It is associated with increased healthcare costs as well as lost wages and decreased work productivity.
Up to 30% of patients report persistent low back pain up to 1 year after experiencing an acute episode. One in five report substantial limitations in activity.

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